“When I learned that I was going to compose the soundtrack of the next Dario Argento film, I immediately thought of the music of Goblin and Claudio Simonetti, who have composed more than ten films under the direction of the Italian maestro.

I obviously had the bells of Suspiria in mind, the introduction sequence of Profondo Rosso, its gothic organ, or of course the electronic sounds of Tenebre.

I composed an entirely electronic soundtrack, mixing dark themes and sequences with more pop music. Like Goblin did with funk and disco, I added a more personal touch with more contemporary sounds from electro and techno.

For this soundtrack, I wanted to follow the tradition of the classic Giallo while trying to bring a personal and modern vision."

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01. Occhiali Neri
02. L’Ospedale
03. Occhiali Neri Variazione
04. Inseguimento Notturno
05. L’orfanotrofio
06. La Morte Di Rita
07. Il Corpo Di Rita
08. Matteo Ridipinge Il Furgone
09. La Confessione
10. Serpenti e Cacciatori
11. Il Canile
12. LA Scomparsa
13. Un’ Eclissi Su Roma
14. Diana da Sola Nel Bosco
15. La Solitudine Di Diana
16. Il Cane Il Poliziotti
17. Une Serata Buia
18. Occhiali Neri Variazione II

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