It’s been nine years since Antoni Maiovvi released Trauma on Bordello A Parigi. Since then, and before, the Bristol born artisan has been honing and refining his audio craft with explorations into electronics, soundtracks and rock. Now, in his latest musical incarnation, Maiovvi returns with Birds of Paradise. This avian themed four tracker is beyond anything you’ve heard from this synthesizer wizard. Complex, deep and layered, the EP is testament to a talent rarely heard. From the sheer elation of “Flycatcher”, which pivots and weaves, the listener is taken away. Throbbing rhythms and astral melodies are unfurled, arpeggios rumble as key scale ever higher in the heady notes of “Widowbird”. A steady kick is the morning song of “Streamertail”, warm computer tones scudding next chords that trill with optimism. Birdsong, a feature of the EP, is ever present in this agile and textured close. Drawing on his predilection for movie scores, “Quetzal” completes this feathered foray. Pulsating, drums offer the updraft for a spread of sounds and shape to takes to the wing. A unique record from an artist soaring to ever greater heights.

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