Andromeda 12″ repress! Italian Disco has a deep history stemming from the vast galaxies of funk, soul, and groove based music. The Disco explosion in America and Europe caused all types of producers and musicians to fill the bottomless appetites of the nightclub djs who looked for the newest and freshest sounds. This flood meant that it would be inevitable that certain records would seem lost in a black hole forever. Some of these lost gems seem so strong that they pull theme selves from this void and create an alternate space/time universe all of their own.

This is certainly the case with the lone 1981 single by Andromeda. Released on the tiny Papaya label this single has become the crown jewel in a disco galaxy far far away. Sputter synths back a familiar groove that would have the Gibb brothers blushing inside their Space Suites. Funky, familiar, and far out. Disco Segreta presents a 12” repress that has the original 7” version along with a “tasteful” extended edit and a remix by Italian Underground Disco Dj Beppe Loda.

The release contains two new versions (including Beppe Loda remix) as well as the original version. Italian disco holy grail!

A1. Andromeda (Respectful extended)
A2. Andromeda (Original 7” mix)
A3. Andromeda (Beppe Loda remix)

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