Imagine waking up and discovering everyone you thought you knew was someone else all along, and they have all deceived you and stabbed you in the back. The world now begins to melt around you and you start to convince yourself that it's still a dream, but in reality your life has become a living nightmare.

You are now standing by yourself, alone, looking out over the nothing that was once your home town. The only place to run and hide is inside your own mind. So you make up a new world to escape this hell, if only for a little while.

These melancholic recordings are designed to bring back childhood memories and, perhaps, nightmares. They exist as an alternate reality, where life was supposed to be like a movie. Horror is never lurking far behind these analogue dreamscapes, to once again remind you that you are Alone... Forever.

Hand numbered, professionally dubbed limited edition cassette tape version of 'Alone... Forever' by Alone 1980. The first ever physical release collecting the best of various EP and album tracks recorded over the past four years... plus 3 brand new tracks exclusive to this tape!

  • Limited Edition Cassette: 'Hot Pink' Translucent Neon Shell

01. Local Hero 03:37
02. Castle In The Sky 03:02
03. Dead Star 03:47
04. Fun House 03:29
05. Max Von Cyborg 03:09
06. Spellbinder 02:13
07. Cosmic Gate 03:37
08. Noiseferatu 03:04
09. Serpent 02:14
10. Autopilot 02:57
11. Evil Eyes 01:55

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