The CD now also premiered in the second hand market, the soundtrack of a different color · Toho special effects movie "Frankenstein monster Sanda vs. Gailla" finally revived, which was almost impossible to obtain! Even between special effects fans / movie music fans Although it is a work boasting overwhelming popularity, since it was first made into CD by analog remastering of all songs in 1987, access to the master tape is almost done in the relapse board and compilation board except for some songs This work which I had not been able to finally be commercialized at the beginning / the whole song digital mastering at the end of the wishfully! The truth of the "Sanghai" music revived to the present age through remastering of craftsmanship done utilizing the original sound remaining on the master tape! ! Main title and main version use version of Maesa March are newly edited from master tape, used for inserting songs Has been Saishuban appeared that for the first time also recorded such as the reference for the sound source!

01. Main title 
02. Kagami Dako 
03. Fear of the Stormy Sea 
04. Maritime Security Division 
05. The Third Kaigamaru's Tragedy 
06. Akemi's reminiscence 
07. Disaster of Uraga Suido 
08. Fear of Miura Peninsula
09. Frankenstein's cell I 
10. Footprints of the Snow River
11. Haneda Airport Emergency
12. The Word Gets Stuck in My Throat (Sanda)
13. Operation L strategy I (edit)
14. L Operation II 
15. L Operation III (New)
16. L strategy IV 
17. L strategy V 
18. Sanda Appearance 
19. Sanda and Gailla 
20. Frankenstein's cell II 
21. Sanda and Akemi 
22. Sanda's Anger 
23. To the SDF coastline (edit)
24. Gailla getaway 
25. Landing of the Gaila 
26. Sanda Tokyo 
27. Sanda v. Guyra I 
28. Attack the Gaela 
29. Sanda v. Guira II
30. Death Battle of Submarine Volcano 
31. Ending 
32. Main Title ( Edit) (BONUS TRACKS)
33. L strategy (BONUS TRACKS)
34. L strategy (BONUS TRACKS)
35. Wiring complete (BONUS TRACKS)
36. Frankenstein's cell II (BONUS TRACKS)
37. Sanda vs. Gailla (Edit) (BONUS TRACKS)
38. Furusato (Chorus) (BONUS TRACKS)
39. Furusato (BONUS TRACKS)
40. Furusato (BONUS TRACKS)
41. Furusato (BONUS TRACKS)
42. Furusato (BONUS TRACKS)
43. Furusato (BONUS TRACKS)
44. Alps 10 thousand calendar (BONUS TRACKS)
45. Alps 10 thousand calendar (BONUS TRACKS)
46. The Word Gets Stuck in My Throat (BONUS TRACKS)
47. The Word Gets Stuck in My Throat (サ ン ダ カ ラ オ ケ) (BONUS TRACKS)
48. The Word Gets Stuck in My Throat (Reference Music) (BONUS TRACKS)
49. Voice of Gailla (BONUS TRACKS)
50. Maser Ray Launch Sound (BONUS TRACKS)
51. Voice of Sanda (BONUS TRACKS)

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