Currently the CD also premiered in the second hand market, the soundtrack of different Toho special film "Frankenstein vs. Underground Monsters (Barragon)" finally revived, which has become almost impossible to obtain! Special effects fans / movie music fans Although it is a work proud of overwhelming popularity, since it was first made into CD by analog remastering of all songs in 1987, access to the master tape is hardly accessible even in relapse boards and compilation boards except for some songs This work which was not done was finally finished with the beginning of the battle and finally became commercialized by the whole song digital remastering! The truth of "fla bara" music which revives to the present age through remastaring of craftsmanship done utilizing the original sound remaining on master tape !! The songs of the main version use version are edited from the master tape newly, and the final stage which also recorded the barks and heartbeat sounds Appeared!

01. Main title 
02. U boat 
03. The heart of Frankenstein
04. Hiroshima 
05. Shadows to Drive 
06. Encounter in the rain 
07. Miyajima 
08. Protected Vagrant 
09. TV Music 
10. Pendant light 
11. Phantom of a cage 
12. Phantom Rampage 
13. Phantom Escape
14. Isolation 
15. Wrist discovery 
16. Left hand wrist
17. Culture medium 
18. Pleasure boat music
19. Frankenstein of Lake Biwa 
20. Arrangement of wrist 
21. Tank dispatch 
22. Frankenstein of the mountain forest 
23. Hutte Music 
24. The Scourge of Shirane
25. Fear of Barragon 
26. Frankenstein in the quarry 
27. Akita oil field reminiscence 
28. Search for fog 
29. Frankenstein vs. Barragon I 
30. Frankenstein vs Barragon II 
31. Frankenstein vs. Barragon III
32. Frankenstein vs. Barragon IV 
33. Ending 
35. Pleasure boat music (BONUS TRACKS)
36. Wrist discovery (edit) (BONUS TRACKS)
37. M13 for overseas version (BONUS TRACKS)
38. M14 for overseas version (BONUS TRACKS)
39. Frankenstein vs. Great Dako ("King Kong vs. Godzilla") (BONUS TRACKS)
40. Frankenstein's heart sound (2 kinds) (BONUS TRACKS)
41. Submarine alarm sound (BONUS TRACKS)
42. Voice of Frankenstein (BONUS TRACKS)
43. Barrage Cry (BONUS TRACKS)

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